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Healthy Me, Healthy Us by Les & Leslie Parrott

What is the single most important thing you can do for your relationship?

This is the question that Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott have been asked again and again.

With over 25 years in psychology specializing in relationships, the Parrotts have had time to come up with an answer.

And it’s surprisingly simple.

Be healthy.

Well, something as important as personal wholeness deserves some unpacking.

Healthy Me, Healthy Us is a book that sets out to do just that. The Parrotts have discovered that the best way to strengthen your relationship is to work on yourself first. Becoming whole is the key to a healthy relationship.

Why is this?

Healthy Me, Healthy Us find the truth in every relationship:

If you try to build intimacy with another before you have gotten whole on your own, all your relationships become an attempt to complete yourself.

The truth of it is that there isn’t a friend, or colleague, or even your soul mate that can do the work of completing you. Only you can accomplish this. Every time you try to make a relationship be a filler for your incompleteness, it will fall flat.

Hollywood and pop culture have told us that we need to find “the one” to be complete. Someone else will make us whole. This creates a repeating cycle of discovering who we are in someone else. We become relationship chameleons, mirroring behavior that we think we need to satisfy someone else.

What we need is to find ourselves. Our healthiness will make us whole.


Here are some of the concepts Healthy Me, Healthy Us explores:

  • Discovering our significance so that we understand our self-worth
  • How to be authentic so we can create honest relationships
  • Tune into our self-talk to see how we interpret our social interactions
  • Exploring faith to find a firm foundation in God
  • Free ourselves from being caught up in the past

Relationships are filled with ups and downs, joys and disappointments, yet overall can provide personal happiness unmatched by anything else. We are designed for relationship but are unique individuals.

So, it’s no surprise that Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott make it clear:

Your relationships are only as healthy as you are.

Relationship tactics and skills have their place, but this book focuses on you. What your relationships need the most is for you to focus on your being more than your doing. You will find that once your personal self is complete, those tactics and skills will be all the more effective.

This is a constant journey for every one of us. We will keep growing, keep learning, and always be moving towards wholeness. The Parrotts will help you find the effective road to being complete.

Discover the path to your personal health in Healthy Me, Healthy Us


“Les and Leslie are grounded, understandable, and immensely practical They deal in the real world and offer real answers and solutions”

—Gary D. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages

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“An incredible blend of contemporary social science and a deep understanding of Scripture... Shows you the way, step by step, to realizing the kinds of relationships we all long for.”

—Lee Strobel, New York Times bestselling author
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“So valuable in helping you find the real and dependable applications for emotional health”

—Henry Cloud, co-author of Boundaries
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“Refreshingly honest and incredibly practical”

—Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 and New York Times bestselling author
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“Challenging, real-life application that will truly make a difference in the way you interact with the people around you.”

—Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life.Church and author of Divine Connection
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“Don’t miss out on the Parrotts’ message...It will truly transform your relationships.”

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