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Relationship Questions

49 Relationship Questions That Spark Meaningful Conversations

Steve and Julie thought there was nothing easier than taco date night. Oh, how fast they could be proven wrong… Steve orders two asada and two chorizo tacos.  “Aww thanks, Steve,” Julie says.  Steve gives her a questioning look. “For…the tacos,” Julie continues, a little confused. “You remember both of our favorites!” “Uh, these are […]

relationship needs

5 Things Every Relationship Needs to Flourish

Your spouse is curled up tight on the far side of the bed. You know you won’t get another peep out of them. Let’s face it, you’ve also drawn the line in the covers, a balled-up fort of emotions. You don’t even remember exactly what frustrated either of you this time, but it looks like […]

Healthy Me, Healthy Us by Les & Leslie Parrott

Healthy Me, Healthy Us

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